Barcelona 巴塞罗那 Барселонa



On destination it is in vogue for visitors and travellers to meet  a glocal citizen.



Who do you know in Barcelona? Is it good enough for you to visit such a metropolis like a typical tourist?


Do you know that even after 3 days you might still miss vibrant streets, phantastic alleys, buildings and corners?


Talking and walking throughout the city accompanied by a glocal citizen in a non-traditional tour route, makes a difference!


Beyond sites, monuments and places like Sagrada Familia, Parc Güell, Tibidabo and Ramblas, there is much more to see and talk about.


Through BarcelonaWalk you will have a real personal contact with Barcelona!



There is plenty of VISUAL WONDERS & MILLENNIA TREASURES waiting for you.


Barcelona 巴塞罗那 Барселонa


Barcelona, a cosmopolitan city of grandeur and global name. Its uniqueness lies in combining more than 2,000 years of history while keeping in tune with modernity and on the vanguard of design, pioneering ideas and entrepreneurial spirit. Barcelona: Europe at its best. Roman grounds, medieval Romanic and Gothic, Mediterranean presence, Cristopher Columbus, XIX and XX century Modernism, Olympic Games, and in the XXI century Silk Road network.


By walking we create local awareness, share knowledge, stimulate creativity and keep our minds wide open. In that sense, BarcelonaWalk is like a walking think tank.


Promoting understanding


BarcelonaWalk could also be seen as a potential platform for reinforcing intercultural dialogue and cooperation among citizens of different cities from around the world.



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BarcelonaWalk Route 
An ideal route includes Roman tombs, Via Laietana, King's Square, Saint James's Square, Augustus Temple, the old Jewish Quarter, Columbus monument plus the Chinese dragon, and several marvellous medieval alleys and vistas.